Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism

Testimony "Jitsumai mastermind" Sri Lanka continuous terrorism

Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism Sri Lanka continuous terror "mastermind of Jitsumai" testimony. [My brother spent a month in Japan] its influence Dead 0 people than. Continuous suicide bombing in Sri Lanka of which issued a victim 0 people damage far more than in Paris terrorist attacks of 0 years that shook the world, IS (Islamic State) that has issued claimed responsibility together with the video of the execution prisoners , it was found to be committed by iS-based terrorist group. Its ringleader is, but Sri Lankan-year-old named Mr. H, information that the man [have been to Japan] has emerged. Jitsumai of ringleader is in accordance with the Indian paper of the interview Do this for information, Mainichi religious seen as [ringleader, around 0 years Japan? It is reported under the title of Sri Lanka continuous bombings] (month date). Mr. testimony who is a modern table of organization that H suspect has been established in Sri Lanka [National tau heating de Jama A] (NTJ) Toufiku. Telephone interview of the Mainichi Shimbun for that stated that [H suspects have ever stay in Japan].