Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism

Whether the terrorists were really Muslims

Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism What terrorists are really as either / Islamists were Muslims University of London Asian and African Studies Institute, commonly known as SOAS. Asia, Africa, is a university that specializes in education and research on the Middle East, there are many students from these regions. [Islamic countries (Daishu, IS)] in response to the appalling terrorist attacks in Paris by, come hear from their Kanojora of the mouth of the former Middle East is not only anger and sadness. Is a lament of voice that [enough is enough]. Each time that this terrorist incident occurs, hate speech and harassment against Islam and Muslims (Muslims), even further until the violence boil up. And, each time, [Muslim is not a terrorist and synonymous], [Islam and [Islamic countries] is different], such as, no longer has to be repeated the description that was ridiculous in a sense. [Enough is enough] and No wonder want to say. [There is no religion in terrorism] In this case, the One of the spread slogan around the SNS in order to solve the prejudice and misunderstanding of Islam and Muslims, there is that [there is no religion to terrorism (terrorism has no religion)].