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Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism [It is prevented terrorism in the economic equality]? ] Theory of ~ Piketi Professor "rice cake painted a picture" ~ Japan last year Shiwasu had been boiled to the picket tee Fever]. To rectify the economic disparities that capitalism produces, claims preach and nurture protect democracy French author, Tomapiketi professor of the "century of capital" () has a great influence on the direction of the gap discussion. The Piketi Mr., [the cause of a series of radicalization, such as Paris terrorist attacks lies in the economic inequality of the Middle East] announced the theory of the, in the United States have come up with a rebuttal. Piketi Professor contributed to the month date of the French paper "Le Monde", on which was a prelude to the [European and equitable social development model we need in both the Middle East], produced performs the wrong of the past in the West in the [Middle East terrorism in the Middle East, expressed the view that something that flourish on top of the economic inequality].